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here is what we have to say about our piano services, who we are, and what we want for our clients


PIANO ESMONDE WHITE has been delivering results since its inception in 1970. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

OLIVER ESMONDE-WHITE has over 40 years of experience in PIANO INDUSTRY and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. He is one of the rare piano technicians in quebec to be certified by Yamaha in Japan.

We offer a complete range of piano services for the general public. Contrary to popular belief, quality is not always inaccessible! Our passion for pianos is legendary. We would like to share this with you and for that reason our prices are reasonable and our quality of work is the highest. Here you will find a team of piano tuners & technicians for all your needs!





We offer the following services:

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. You can also directly contact a member of our team of piano tuners & technicians for your specific your needs if you whish so.


  • 1Affordability
    We deeply believe that piano is more than just an instrument. It can be a contribution to the health of our society. Yet by its very nature, the instrument is not affordable to all.
  • 2Improvement
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  • 3Innovation
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We see music as a real value added to our society. This is why we continually strive to keep it as alive as possible. How do we intend to do it?


our team

  • André Duchesne

    M. André Duchesne transmet ses vastes connaissances de gestion, acquises depuis plus de 40 ans,…

  • André Duchesne

    M. Duchesne brings with him management knowledge acquired for more than 40 years, working for…

  • Emmett Esmonde-White

    Emmett Esmonde-White is a well respected by all members of the team, especially by his father who…

  • Emmett Esmonde-White

    Emmett Esmonde-White est le bras droit de son père Oliver Esmonde-White. Ce dernier n’hésite pas…

  • Lorraine Desjardins

    Lorraine Desjardins has organized hundreds of concerts, making the programs, re-writing CVs for musicians, organizing…

  • Lorraine Desjardins

    Lorraine Desjardins a organisé, avec son conjoint Oliver Esmonde-White, des concerts ouverts au public dans…

  • Oliver Esmonde-White

    Oliver Esmonde White has been around the music scene since he fell in love with…

  • Oliver Esmonde-White

    À l’âge de 16 ans Oliver Esmonde White côtoie des musiciens qui l’ont inspiré, et…