Piano Sales

Piano sales are a small but very important part of our business.


We can provide both new and used instruments.

We manufacture Esmonde White pianos. At present we make three different models. A 48" upright, and a 5'8" and 6'1" grand. They are made with musicians needs and realities in mind. The musicality and touch are in line with a very competitive price. We can only produce four pianos a month. We invite you to come in and try our models, and reserve an instrument.


"We manufacture Esmonde White pianos.They are made with musicians needs and realities in mind."



We are the exclusive dealers in eastern Canada of Fandrich and Sons pianos. These pianos are made near Seattle by a very small manufacturer. I consider Mr. Darrell Fandrich to be the most knowledgeable man on the planet when it comes to pianos. We are honored to work with him.

We have several concert grands for sale. We use them in our recording studio. They are also rented or lent to famous festivals and pianists.
In fact we have lots of pianos, so please call us.

If we do not have the piano you are looking for, it would be a pleasure for us to help you find the right instrument for you. Our main business is maintenance, so we really hope that you will end up with the right piano for you, and call us for other services and tunings.

And perhaps buy one of our instruments!

We really do believe that our pianos are the best for the price