Piano diagnosis

Piano expertises & diagnosis reports are more than a mere piece of paper

Piano expertises & diagnosis reports are designed to assist both piano sellers and buyers in their decision making. Unlike cars, There is no easy way to access the current market value of a piano as well as its condition.

We have often heard of buyers making a decision too fast with too little information at hand. End result? Some buyers had to pay two moving: one to have the piano delivered at their place, the second to get rid of the instrument because they learned too late that the instrument was too expensive to repair. In most cases, the blame is not even on the seller. Ironically, casual piano owners don't always know if and what is wrong with the instrument they are selling.

In most cases, the blame is not even on the seller. Expertises reports can prevent wrong purchase decisions.

The piano expertises & diagnosis reports are drafted after careful examination of the instrument. All major and visible components will be inspected in order to provide a professional opinion on the instrument. Each element will be rated according to its current condition, and when applicable, an estimation of the costs associated with repair will be provided on the document. When required by the client, the report will also include a professional opinion on the current market value.


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