Piano storage

Our piano storage service will take care of your instrument

Piano storage is not like other forms of storage. A piano should always be kept in a controlled humidity environment.  Ideally, your piano should be kept at a 45% humidity level. This is true at home as well as when stored for a certain period.

At home, there are solutions like the popular Dampp Chaser which can, for a decent price contribute to a healthy piano. It is much harder, on the other hand, to maintain the right humidity level when your piano is being sent to a storage room. Most places are usually too dry.

Because we have maintenance service agreement with major players in the region, our shop is maintained to the ideal humidity level for any type of piano. Because we prevent major humidity fluctuations during the storage period, your piano will retain all its original characteristics for much longer. Your piano will be treated with all the care and attention it deserves.

Depending on the space availability and the storage options chosen, storage fees may vary between 59.95$ per month to 89.95$ per month.

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